Although our roots are in strategy, MarketPlace also offers the services of a creative agency. Everything we produce for you is created to achieve the goals that you (or you and we together) define as part of your marketing, brand, or project strategy, and the strategy that we deliver anticipates and works toward measurable, meaningful outcomes. Strategy and creation belong together, and we make sure they stay together.

The list of food branding services below is only an introduction. We’re a full-service agency, which means that if it has to do with selling your company and its products/services, we can do it, so if you don’t see what you need, assume that we’ve done and can do it, but if you’d like to ask to make sure, we’d love to talk.

Brand Development

Most of our clients come to us for brand development of some kind, whether that’s a completely new brand or a refinement of their existing one. A strong brand is one of your most important assets, and we’re passionate about building that strength for our clients across all our areas of focus. That means we design logos and write taglines, for sure. It also means we develop strategies and create positioning statements, since (as we may have said before) strategy and creative belong together. That means when we create (or refine) a brand for you, it makes sense because it fits your goals.

Our brand development work also extends to applying the brand to essential, brand-shaping assets like your physical space.

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Digital Marketing

A modern website is more than a marketing tool—it’s a brand asset that supports everything you do. Whether you’re B2B or a consumer brand, your site needs to be more than a digital brochure. Today, a website should serve as an extension of your sales team, generating leads and improving your relationship with customers. Creating such a site requires a team with numerous skills—technical, creative, and strategic—as well as experience in your industry. MarketPlace offers all that. And beyond that: after your site launches, we help it grow through content, search, social media, and more, all tracked with modern metrics to calculate ROI.

Marketing Creative

A brand really comes to life in the dozens of little details where it is implemented. Although strategy and the major assets are crucial, sometimes it’s the little details—like the back of a business card or the final slide in a presentation—that give the brand life. We bring our industry background and creative expertise to bear on each detail, so your brand lives in just the ways it’s supposed to—in the hands of your sales team, on the trade show floor, or on a retail shelf.