A Concise History

We spent our first year helping several B2B food companies market their brands and their products, and in year two, we began doing the same with consumer companies, using our inside knowledge of the B2B world to help those companies navigate the complex issues related to regulation, production, and manufacturing, among many others.

Drawing on our expertise in trends for human food and nutrition, we became one of the first companies to help pet and animal brands pursue brand strategies that track with contemporary consumer trends. And our push for on-trend branding in food naturally led to involvement with the health and wellness segment at the same time. Today, we work in all three areas of focus with equal comfort, always drawing on common insights to pursue our clients’ goals.

In the decade plus since our founding, MarketPlace has grown from two people to a two-story, full-service brand growth partner for food, pet, and wellness companies. Our new space has expanded the ways we can serve the companies with whom we partner, and it’s provided room for our growing team of talented, creative, hard-working professionals committed to our founding promises and core principles.

How We Serve Your Industry

Food + Beverage

We know food and beverage. We know B2B and B2C. We know foodservice and quick service, GMPs and GMOs. We’re passionate about this business, and we bring that history of insight and focused enthusiasm to every one of your projects.



Pet + Animal

We work in every aspect of pet and animal product branding, from performing palatability research to positioning brands for Amazon sales to interacting with pet parents on social media. Always keeping the concerns of your customer in mind, we pursue your goals with passion as well as expertise.



Health + Wellness

We have long been proponents of  transparency, sustainability, and wellness in brands of all types. We’re delighted to have shared in the emergence and growth of the health and wellness industry, and we continue to help grow brands in the industry through actionable research and measurable tactics.