Drawing on our expertise in trends for human food and nutrition, MarketPlace was one of the first agencies to help pet and animal brands pursue brand strategies that track with contemporary consumer trends. As a group of pet lovers ourselves, we understand the concerns of modern pet parents, as well as the challenges of photographing a restless pup.

From social media strategy to selecting protein types, we know the ins and outs of developing and marketing pet and animal products. Always seeking to understand the consumer, we work with you to produce data-driven, on-brand creative.

Kibble to Cat Videos

As a full-service brand growth partner, we have worked with pet and animal brands through the entire cycle of marketing and sales. Because of our experience and focus, we know every step of that process, from concept to customer. In other words, we offer insider experience and outside perspective, both of which are necessary to any B2B and B2C pet or animal brand looking for help from a pet marketing agency.

Pet and Animal Work

Our award-winning creative work in the pet and animal sector has encompassed everything from creating and launching new brands to managing social media for established, legacy partners. As brand growth partners to the industry—and pet lovers ourselves—nothing brings us more satisfaction than bringing our partners success, resulting in a better life for pets and the people who love them.




The best way to decide if a strategic partner meets your needs is to get a sense of their thinking: to see how they approach your industry and how they go about solving problems. To that end, we hope you’ll take a look around our site—at blog posts, case studies, and work samples—to get a sense of whether we might be a fit for your pet or animal brand. Here are a few of our favorite bits of insight about the pet + animal industries to get you started.

Suspicion: My Secret to Successful Pet Product Marketing

How our Brand Development Director creates well-loved pet products through the old-fashioned discipline of loitering in pet food aisles.



How Food Experience Fuels Pet Expertise

Learn more about what we offer for pet and animal brands as a full-service brand growth partner, and how—contrary to what you might expect—experience with food brands can lead to a great understanding of branding for pet companies.



“Natural” and “Super Premium”: Valuable Pet Food Claims?

Label claims like “natural” and “super premium” are all over the pet food aisle. But do they actually benefit your brand? We examined the evidence.